About Us
G&E Corporation (Taiwan Stock Code 4911) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of novel botanical extraction technology and products.
Found in 2002, the company pioneered its proprietary extraction technology to discover new ways that botanical drugs might work to fight against disease and restore health.
At G&E, we seek to deliver truly innovative and life-changing pharmaceutical products for our patients. Concurrent clinical trials at majormedical centers using candidate compounds from G&E are being studied for patients with various disease and conditions, including lung cancer, liver and prostatic disease.
G&E with it's core facility based in Southern Taiwan, specializes in new drug development.
Botanic drug candidates are developed through their natural characters, scientific evidence, academic research, pharmacokinetics studies & human clinical trials. All plant materials are cultivated by contracted farmers in Taiwan; thus, the manufacturing process & development of botanic products are regulated from the beginning of seedlings, GAP agriculture and harvesting.
In addition, heavy metals, pesticide residues and microorganism limitations are carefully monitored to prevent contaminants from environmental toxins. G&E operates on the highest-standard of research ethics in the practice of biotechnology development, ranked among the highest in new drug discovery capability & equipped with latest scientific instruments in Taiwan.
In addition to the high quality of biotechnology industry standard and excellence in academia research performance, G&E is capable of achieving new drug development & manufactures a spectrum of superior, clinically effective & novel botanical products to be commercialized in Taiwan as well as the global pharmaceutical market. G&E also welcomes the opportunities to cooperate with prospective partners from international pharmaceutical industry sectors in providing superior quality healthcare products together.