Apocin Capsule

Apocin Oral Capsule

Clinical indicationsl: Slows down the growth rate of non-small cell lung cancer. Used with combination as suggested with first-line-defense chemotherapy drug "Clisplain" reduces the drug-resistant lung cancer cells, improves the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs. 

Apoptosis mechanism of targeted therapy drugs Apocin, MDS Pharma Services Company and Research Center animal experiments proved that oral treatment could effectively inhibit 48~60% of lung adenocarcinoma tumor growth, if used alone, Apocin may slow tumorgrowth rate and rolong the life of patients with lung cancer.

In addition, the Company's R&D center in-vitro test proves, with combination use of lung cancer first-line chemotherapy drug Cisplatin enhances the effect of cancer treatment. MDS Pharma Services. SCID mouse oral ingestion of Apocin 4 weeks treatment with improved conditions up to 48% reduction in tumor size.