Business Relations

At G&E, we apply advanced molecular cell life guiding principles to our R&D efforts in scientific publications & clinical study designs. Our emphasis is to focus on development of targeting drug for grievous illness.


Our business model is to fit the tool to the task. Managing plant derived molecules and botanical products each have unique and inherent advantages and disadvantages. Our process of regulation begins with seedlings through harvest & this approach allows us to leverage the advantageous aspects of a particular approach that are best suited to interdict a disease. Our emphasis is also to study disease in animals and patients with experimental models which designed to the best predictive value with respect to managing disease symptoms, this often results in the success of clinical trials and managing proper drug development costs.


While its is important to strategically plan our studies in managing drug designs, we believe that business relations development is significantly important to successfully develop human therapeutics and reach those in need of our products. Defining the key partnership opportunities in business discussion medium drives our R&D investment and the potential therapeutics we pursue. In addition, we are developing partnerships in clinical trial designs that allow key decisions earlier in the drug development process, ultimately reducing the overall cost of developing a drug.